The RIKEN FANTOM2 Clones created by RIKEN in collaboration with FANTOM Consortium members and funds from the Japanese Government are now available for academic researchers in the research community. RIKEN desires to make the RIKEN FANTOM2 Clones widely available and has granted Dnaform, a company having a license agreement with RIKEN, the right to distribute the RIKEN FANTOM2 Clones in order to facilitate the distribution and availability. Dnaform distributes the RIKEN FANTOM2 Clones under the terms and conditions of the prohibition of further licensing the use of, transferring, lending, or selling the RIKEN FANTOM2 Clones and and/or any products derived therefrom to a third party, and the provision of acknowledgements to RIKEN using a specific legend when any results of research work using the RIKEN FANTOM2 Clones are published. Those who are interested in being provided or wish to be provided the RIKEN FANTOM2 Clones by Dnaform with charge should visit Dnaform website for further information.


Apart from the above, the RIKEN FANTOM2 Clones can be provided to collaborators ("Collaborator") in order to carry out collaborative research ("Collaborative Research") with the Genome Exploration Research Group, Genomic Sciences Center, RIKEN ("GSC/GERG") (hereinafter "RIKEN" and "GSC/GERG" collectively or respectively referred to as "RIKEN") using the RIKEN FANTOM2 Clones under an Agreement for Collaborative Research ("Agreement"). The Collaborator refers to GSC/GERG's academic partner who shares and achieves an objective and aim with GSC/GERG through the Collaborative Research, not to only a recipient of the RIKEN FANTOM2 Clones. With consideration of RIKEN's contribution to the Collaborative Research as well as the Collaborator's and joint results derived therefrom, the Agreement requires the Collaborator to abide by more terms and conditions than those by Dnaform, including joint ownership of any results and of the publication copyrights of the results in addition to the prohibition of further distribution to a third party. Those who accept the Collaborative Research as defined above and wish to become a Collaborator as GSC/GERG's academic partner or are interested in Collaborator status/Collaborative Research must read below.


The Collaborator is an Institute / researcher who proposes Collaborative Research by submission of a research plan to RIKEN ("Research Plan"), is accepted as a Collaborator by RIKEN, acknowledges GSC/GERG as a collaborator, and starts the Collaborative Research with GSC/GERG under the Agreement. Thus, a Collaborator applicant is required to prepare and provide RIKEN with a Research Plan describing the proposed Collaborative Research. The Research Plan is used by RIKEN only for the decision as to whether or not RIKEN will accept the proposed Collaborative Research.
RIKEN's former or current collaborators who had or have a different collaborative research agreement(s) from the Agreement for Collaborative Research will not be regarded as the Collaborator unless they reapply for Collaborator status and conclude the Agreement with RIKEN.
For more detailed information:
Collaborative Research

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