FANTOM meeting
Functional Annotation of Mouse meeting

Meeting Venue:
RIKEN Tsukuba Institute, Tsukuba, Japan
Monday 28th August - Friday 8th September, 2000.

The Functional Annotation Of Mouse (FANTOM) Meeting was held at the RIKEN Institute in Tsukuba City, Japan from August 28 to September 8, 2000. The main purpose of the meeting was to functionally annotate 21,076 fully sequenced mouse cDNA clones prepared from full-length enriched libraries at the RIKEN Institute, as part of the Mouse Encyclopedia Project. An international group of researchers having a wide range of scientific backgrounds participated in the meeting and contributed to the annotation, which focused on assigning putative function to the RIKEN clones using various computational procedures including sequence comparison, domain analysis and automated mapping to Gene Ontology terms. The meeting was reported on several articles of Nature and Nature Genetics.
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